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Polka Dots and Mustangs

April and I met up last week and did a shoot on the beach. We had a good time shooting with my mustang, on the beach, and on the pier. We even played bingo afterwards as we were eating dinner! I am glad my Mustang got put to good use! I’ve had it for almost four years and have never used it in a shoot before!


I found… myself… in the forest

Last week I went out into the woods to take some self-portraits with my remote. I have been so happy to have a camera again. It really has been so lovely to be able to take pictures whenever I want (when I am not crazy busy working or doing college stuff!)… I am doing a lot of shooting and it has been amazing!




I took some more photos today of Kelsey and the oldest Merkle girls, Breckyn and Ariel.

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The Many Faces of Heather

Heather and I had some fun with my Alien Bee last week.

A Mermaid, a Cowboy, and a Mexican

Today I branched out a little bit from my ordinary photography work. I’ve been into using strobes a lot more lately in my work and I had some fun today with a few friends trying out some new lighting ideas. Check it out.

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Movie Theater Fun

Jesse, Luke, and I headed over to Hollywood Studios on Tuesday night and had ourselves a lovely shoot. The movie theater let us take photos in the theaters and with whoever we wanted. We had a blast and then we were given free tickets by the lovely Morgan Thompson. It was a fun night.



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